Who Has The Kids?


Who Has the Kids? had one mission: to make it easier for today’s modern family to plan their busy lives. The founders recognized the fridge calendar simply wasn’t cutting it when it came to family scheduling, especially when changes came up. Mobile was the natural solution, so with our client we set out to make the lives of parents, caregivers, and kids exponentially easier.


Above all, we prioritized delivering family safety, accountability and establishing peace of mind. Our first task was to understand how families currently managed their schedules and what the biggest pain points and inefficiencies were. The key was a simple yet effective user experience that would quickly let caregivers manage responsibilities while being able to ensure everyone was accounted for. The look and feel had to be appealing to parents and caregivers, with an emphasis on tying interactions directly to behavior.


Today the Who Has the Kids? iPhone app is aiding parents and caregivers to effectively manage their families. With intuitive appointments and todo’s, the app lets caregivers assign who’s responsible for the child. The dashboard makes it easy to see at a glance where everyone is and what action items each kid has coming up. If changes arise, caregivers can use the uniquehandoff feature to transfer control for that time, so nothing falls through the cracks. Lastly we created a smart notification system so no one forgets to pick up the kids!


Research & Discovery, Branding & Identity Appropriation, User Experience, User Interface Design, Mobile App (iPhone and Android) Development & Testing.