SlimFast Coach


Slimfast, owned by consumer goods multinational Unilever, is a powerhouse global weightloss brand that helps dieters achieve long term weight loss success through it’s flexible 3-2-1 system of shakes, bars, snacks, packaged meals and other dietary supplements sold worldwide. Mobilosophy was brought to help make the Slimfast® Coach mobile app an adherence platform that would bring real results without the stress and frustration that comes so naturally with the struggle to lose weight.


Slimfast had recently undergone a full rebrand with their website serving as their eCommerce channel. Our goal was to transform the way the brand engaged with their customers, given mobile’s unique position in being able to supplement a dietary plan with real time motivational notifications and reminders along with a meal plan and progress tracker.


Slimfast’s official mobile app launched as Slimfast®Coach, fully armed with a unique sigh up process, intuitive Dashboard, Diary, and Progress & Meal Trackers, not to mention giving users access to a personal dietition. Most importantly, a rich set of notifications serve to coach users to stay focused and motivated throughout their journey, bolstering their chances to achieve a lifetime of dieting success.


UX/Design Strategy Consulting, Native iOS Development, Parse Back End.