The studio behind IntroHub is led by two incredibly successful entrepreneurs who’ve each built many renowned companies over the last 20 years. Their media lab focuses on projects in 4 primary verticals: Mobile Applications, TV & Film Production, Consumer Products, and Character development. Mobilosophy was brought on to rethink a classic problem: how could we make the introduction between friends, business professionals and anyone else simpler and more fluid, while fostering positive meaningful connections?


Inspired by Tinder and other successful social connection apps, we build IntroHub to foster introductions in 2-3 taps or less. Mobilosophy’s role was to strategize and consult on the user experience and design to ensure engineering feasibility. Early on we highlighted the technical challenges that came with significant integrations between multiple user profiles and social/business networking accounts.


IntroHub is an iOS app that boasts the ability to introduce people in less that 30 seconds! A user can sign up through LinkedIn, Facebook, or email, linking all their accounts to easily introduce users regardless of their networks. Once a user is connected, they become IntroHub contacts and can easily connect through the app’s built in messaging interface. They can also choose to take communication offline, leveraging the product’s intuitive contact information system. Lastly, users can edit their IntroHub profile to make it clear who they’d like to be introduced to, promoting introductions that people actually want.


Technical Research & Discovery, UX/UI Consulting, iOS Development, Interaction Development, Parse Back End Development.