GroundWork sets out to address the age old question that parents have been asking their kids forever: “Why haven’t you finished your homework yet?” We all know this inevitable frustration, which shakes up households and pits parent against student. GroundWork was conceptualized by a parent who wanted to put a stop to this madness for himself and others, so that his son could thrive and establish a foundation of successful lifelong work habit. Dad also didn’t like being the bad guy, and wanted to play his part as a positive mentor.


We set out to create a simple yet powerful user experience that motivated young students to reach their full potential and that gave parents the channels to offer their kids positive feedback. We wanted to understand why some students fell behind while others thrived. From there, using principles around habit-building, motivation, and gamification we developed workflows and proprietary algorithms that automate how students organize their tasks and manage their time.


Today, GroundWork’s iPhone app is assisting parents and children to effectively manage, inspire, and drive success in the classroom and at home. The application strategically informs students when to enter their homework, take a break and reinforces positive feedback through a dedicated mentoring process rife with inspirational quotes. We leaned on our local behavioral psychologist – specializing in gaming and the effects on student learning and emotions – to inform the product strategy, which in turn is allowing students to succeed in all areas of life.


Branding & Identity, Naming, Research & Discovery, User Experience, User Interface, iPhone App Development, Backend API Development, Quality Assurance, User Feedback Testing.