24 Game App


Suntex International, creator of the legendary 24®Game and online education platform First in Math, is enriching how millions of kids experience math, for over 26 years and counting. Suntex is creating a new generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers, while instilling a lifelong love of learning. The opportunity to collaborate in bringing the eminent 24®Game to mobile was thrilling, and not only because we had enjoyed the game so much as kids.


We researched the playing field, defined the primary features and architecture, and designed the user experience and interface, ensuring that everything aligned with Suntex’s needs and goals. In development we integrated a powerful gaming engine and built out the front end in Unity so that it would be accessible across all mobile platforms, starting with iPhone and Android. At each stage of development, we ensured the platform be scalable and flexible to support large multiplayer concurrent usage.


The official 24®Game mobile app is launching with real-time multiplayer capabilities so people can challenge their friends and players around the world, anytime. With an intuitive game-board interface and fun animations true to brand, the app engages all age groups regardless of one’s feelings towards math. Leaderboard, stats and unique achievements are exciting incentives, surprising and delighting users along their journey to math greatness.


Research & Discovery, Branding & Identity Appropriation, User Experience, User Interface Design, Unity Mobile App (iPhone and Android) Development & Testing.